Personal Checking Conversion


Since 1884 Andover Bank has been committed to providing its customers the best in products and services to meet their financial needs and goals. As part of this continuous improvement, we review our account offerings to ensure that we are competitive and providing the most value to our customers.

As a result of our most recent review, we have introduced a lineup of new checking accounts. These solutions are designed to give customers simple, easy access to their money and come packaged with benefits to provide a rewarding experience. As part of the next step in the process, we are transitioning our old checking accounts to our new and improved solutions.



Effective September 17, 2018, your existing checking account will automatically be changed to one of our new checking accounts according to the conversion table below.

       checkmark No action is required on your part 

       checkmark Your account number will stay the same

       checkmark No interruption to everyday checking account services (you can continue using your existing                  checks, deposit slips, and debit card)



In the table below are our old checking account types and the new checking account types they will be moved into. We have made every effort to best align your existing account(s) with our new solutions. If you feel a different account type would better suit your needs, just visit your local branch and we will be happy to change your account type to the one that is best for you.


 OLD Checking Type

 NEW Checking Type 

 Free Checking

 Value Checking

 Simply Mobile Checking

 Value Checking

 Interest Checking

 Interest Checking

 Bonus Checking

 Rewards Checking

 Maximum Checking

 Rewards Checking

 Maximum Advantage   Checking

 Rewards Checking

 Max 50 Checking

 Value Checking

 Max 50 Plus Checking

 Rewards Checking

 Interest Checking Bonus

 Rewards Checking


In addition, we have also made adjustments to fees on some of our common features and services that are applicable to all deposit accounts. These changes are also effective as of September 17, 2018. You can view our latest Common Features/Fee Schedule online or at any branch.



Do I need to take any action?

No action is needed on your part; your current account will be changed automatically. Andover Bank is handling all aspects of the conversion. Please continue to bank as you normally do.


Will my account number change?

No. Your account number will remain the same as the one you currently have with Andover Bank.


Will the features and benefits of my current account change?

Please refer to the materials which were mailed directly to you. You can also view the features and benefits of our new checking accounts online .


Is my President’s Club Account changing?

We are making one small change to this account. Effective September 17, 2018, on any new check orders, the customer will be responsible for the shipping and handling cost. Andover Bank will continue to cover the printing cost of checks. None of the other features and benefits of this account are changing.


Will my account statement cycle change?

No. You will continue to receive your statement at the same time each month.


Will my direct deposits and automatic transfers and payments continue as before?

Yes. There will be no interruption of your current direct deposits, automatic transfers or automatic payments.


Can I continue to use my existing checks and deposit slips?

Yes. Since your account number will not change, your existing supply of checks and deposit slips can continue to be used.


Will my Overdraft Protection Service continue for my checking account?

Yes. Overdraft Privilege, Ready Cash, and Automatic Transfer Service, will not be affected. If you’re not currently taking advantage of our Overdraft Protection Services stop by your local banking center for more information.


How do I open a Companion Savings Account?

Visit any banking center to open a Companion Savings Account. A Companion Savings Account is available only to Rewards Checking Account holders and must be linked to the checking account.


Can I continue to use my current Andover Debit Mastercard® or ATM card?

Yes. Your current card will continue to have the same Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the same accounts linked with it. ATM access and use of your current card for purchases will continue uninterrupted.


Will my Online Banking and Bill Pay service be affected?

No. Online Banking and Bill Pay will not be affected and will continue uninterrupted. All your current information and settings will remain the same. If you’re not currently taking advantage of our online services, enroll now or stop by your local banking center for more information.


Will my Mobile Banking or Mobile Deposit service be affected?

No. Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit will not be affected and will continue uninterrupted. Access to your account information via our mobile app will remain the same. You will still be able to deposit checks via Mobile Deposit by simply snapping a photo of the check. If you’re not currently taking advantage of these services, visit our Mobile Banking page for more information.


If I have any questions or wish to be converted to a different account, whom should I contact?

If you have any questions regarding your banking relationship, please call or stop by your local banking center.